Friday, July 30, 2010

Butterfly Birthday

I had the privilege of creating a wonderful dessert bar this week for a 15 year old girl's birthday party (lucky girl!:). The theme was black and white with Monarch butterflies. I had so much fun putting this all together!! I have to thank all of the people who helped me out this week- not only with the baking and dipping and decorating and setting up, but also for helping with my kiddos since Matt was working those days! So THANK YOU to Amy and Amy (my two right-hand girls:), Mom, Grandma Nana, Linda, and Robin!!! On to the details...

The spread included a 3-tiered cake, cake pops, caramel apples,
brownies, whoopie pies, and chocolate covered pretzels.

The birthday girl Krysten's cake was inspired by another
one of my previous cakes. ;)

Cake pops and brownies

Caramel apples

...from another angle.

Cupcake and cookie favors

Tables with favors

And now for a nap!!!!!!!!