Thursday, May 28, 2009

Congrats Gena & Kyle!!

So my first wedding went without a hitch! And I even managed to be IN the wedding, along with my kids and hubby, too! Gena decided on cupcakes (easier for me!) so I was definitely relieved. I wanted it to look super nice for my new sis, so after some quick brainstorming (after getting a rickety cardboard poor-excuse for a stand in the mail), Matt and my MIL built a custom cupcake stand! Thank God for her awesome tools and their great teamwork! It all looked beautiful (not as beautiful as Gena, of course) and I was very happy with it. I did chocolate and "funfetti" flavors (as per the bride's request:) both with vanilla buttercream. I was so glad I could do this for them, I had so much fun and can't wait for the next wedding....

The beautiful cupcake display...

My bro & new sis-in-law!
Aren't they beauties??


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lots of birthdays....

Sorry it's been so long... as you will see it's been very busy around my house! Last week was my hubby's birthday and,well I couldn't skimp on his cake! I decided to go with a Ford Mustang theme (since he LOVES his '65). I kept it simple and just did the Mustang logo on top of a marble/fudge-filled cake. He loved it, and the kids couldn't wait to dig in (as you can see on the cake board...).

Then were some Mickey Mouse cupcakes and smash cakes for a friend's twin nieces. I decided to do coordinating (not matching exactly:) girly smash cakes for the birthday girls and she wanted some 'girl' and 'boy' cupcakes. These were definitely fun to do and hope the birthday was great, Stephanie!!

My friend, Stacey asked me to do a 'PlayStation' themed cake for her husband David this past weekend too. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to accomplish it, but after some research I decided to go with a controller made out of rice krispie treats. I definitely had to play around with it to get it how I wanted, but it came out pretty well. And I even heard it was a hit at the Hard Rock Cafe!! Stacey said all the waiters were stopping by to see the cake. Glad he liked it Stacey! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!

This Mother's Day was full of fun cakes and parties! My
first cake was for a friend of my bro-in-law. Pretty simple birthday cake, with a specific color palette.. so cute! The cake was chocolate with bavarian cream and fresh banana. I had actually never tried fresh fruit before, and unfortunately, this cake ended up having a mishap on it's 1 hour drive home in the heat and traffic!! So sorry Lisa... :( But hope it still tasted good...

The next was an itty bitty one I threw together for the impromptu Mother's Day tea I decided to throw on Saturday. It was a white cake with raspberry filling, covered in vanilla buttercream- very light and perfect with our tea menu! I topped it of with some fresh flowers, and sat it on my twisted pedestal.

Last, but not least was this Mother's Day cake for our lovely realtor, Marti. She is so sweet and has helped us out so much, so I was excited to put together this cake for her. It was also white cake with raspberry filling. After seeing my blog, she liked Bekah's birthday cake design, so I changed the colors up a little and it came out super cute!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cakes, cookies & more...

I decided to only do a few things this week, due to
the fact that I was going out of town for the weekend, but I just couldn't say no!

The first cake I did was for my cousin's Pirate-themed work meeting. They said I could do whatever I wanted (hee hee :), but they were on a budget. I came up with this....
It's too bad I put the black background behind it, so you can't really see the palm trees, but it came out pretty cute. I'd be happy to do another one for them... maybe I can be the official meeting cake-maker for T.F.G.???

These are some of the 45 cookies I did for a bridal shower. I did similar to what I made for my SIL's shower, just changed out the colors to brown and pink. They came out pretty cute, I think. These cutters are so fun to work with, and the rolled fondant is perfect for them! I tend to get carried away with the royal icing detail, but this time it came to me pretty quickly. I hope DeAnn liked them as much as I liked making them. :)

I did a few cupcakes for a girl at work, too. Her daughter was turning 8 and she wanted some girly cupcakes for her softball team. I thought it was funny when I asked Laura what her team colors were, she said green and yellow- not too girly!! I wasn't going to be using those colors for sure... so here's what I came up with: pink and purple frosted cupcakes with daisies that had little softballs in the centers. They came out so cute & I hope the team loved them!!

The last one I did today for one of Camryn's teacher's birthday. She loves, and lives at the beach, so we decided to do a beach theme. I was excited because I hadn't done a beach cake yet! She loved it and couldn't wait to take it home... It went really cute with her gift that was wrapped up in a pink sand pail! :)