Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lots of birthdays....

Sorry it's been so long... as you will see it's been very busy around my house! Last week was my hubby's birthday and,well I couldn't skimp on his cake! I decided to go with a Ford Mustang theme (since he LOVES his '65). I kept it simple and just did the Mustang logo on top of a marble/fudge-filled cake. He loved it, and the kids couldn't wait to dig in (as you can see on the cake board...).

Then were some Mickey Mouse cupcakes and smash cakes for a friend's twin nieces. I decided to do coordinating (not matching exactly:) girly smash cakes for the birthday girls and she wanted some 'girl' and 'boy' cupcakes. These were definitely fun to do and hope the birthday was great, Stephanie!!

My friend, Stacey asked me to do a 'PlayStation' themed cake for her husband David this past weekend too. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to accomplish it, but after some research I decided to go with a controller made out of rice krispie treats. I definitely had to play around with it to get it how I wanted, but it came out pretty well. And I even heard it was a hit at the Hard Rock Cafe!! Stacey said all the waiters were stopping by to see the cake. Glad he liked it Stacey! :)

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