Monday, May 4, 2009

Cakes, cookies & more...

I decided to only do a few things this week, due to
the fact that I was going out of town for the weekend, but I just couldn't say no!

The first cake I did was for my cousin's Pirate-themed work meeting. They said I could do whatever I wanted (hee hee :), but they were on a budget. I came up with this....
It's too bad I put the black background behind it, so you can't really see the palm trees, but it came out pretty cute. I'd be happy to do another one for them... maybe I can be the official meeting cake-maker for T.F.G.???

These are some of the 45 cookies I did for a bridal shower. I did similar to what I made for my SIL's shower, just changed out the colors to brown and pink. They came out pretty cute, I think. These cutters are so fun to work with, and the rolled fondant is perfect for them! I tend to get carried away with the royal icing detail, but this time it came to me pretty quickly. I hope DeAnn liked them as much as I liked making them. :)

I did a few cupcakes for a girl at work, too. Her daughter was turning 8 and she wanted some girly cupcakes for her softball team. I thought it was funny when I asked Laura what her team colors were, she said green and yellow- not too girly!! I wasn't going to be using those colors for sure... so here's what I came up with: pink and purple frosted cupcakes with daisies that had little softballs in the centers. They came out so cute & I hope the team loved them!!

The last one I did today for one of Camryn's teacher's birthday. She loves, and lives at the beach, so we decided to do a beach theme. I was excited because I hadn't done a beach cake yet! She loved it and couldn't wait to take it home... It went really cute with her gift that was wrapped up in a pink sand pail! :)

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  1. Too bad you can't fly out to Georgia to do Ella's birthday cake next month (and so you guys can all come to her party)! She keeps telling me she wants cupcakes and I know I won't be able to find anything as cute as yours! :)