Friday, June 27, 2014

Double circus fun

My BFF in the whole world has these most adorable twin boys, Luke and Max. They turned one year old and what more fitting than an all-out, double-the-fun CIRCUS?!  She went all crazy on the vintage circus theme, and seriously... was A-DORABLE!!! She's the OG party planner in my book, so I expected nothing less.  I just did a few measly desserts.  And the details were ALL her- I take NO credit. Love those guys!!!

Monsters... nice ones, of course

Our little guy turned 6 last January, and yes- he's our little monster!! Actually, not really.. he's the most mellow kid I know, but wanted a monster birthday anyways.  So Mommy does monsters... NICE ones, as requested.

Happy Birthday sweet baby boy... we LOVE you!!

mermaid madness

My girl turned 11 last October, (cue in mad sobbing) and she's all about all things mermaid.  I have to say I LOVE this age... and not sarcastically!  She's such a good girl and we have so much fun.  She's basically my partner in crime for everything, and has mad big sister skills.  So on to her party...

We had SO much fun with this one- she's turning out to be one awesome party planner's apprentice ;)
Happy Birthday, our sweet Camryn!!

Jenny and Kris... and, I'm BACK!!

So I'm firing up my oven again... granted not on a FULL time basis, but the hubs and I have decided the extra moola would be nice.  I realized I haven't updated my blog in for.. EVER, so here goes.

My dear friend Jenny got married last October (told you, like forever ago) so, of course I was excited to create their dessert bar! I grew up with Jenny and her sibs, so we've known each other for a LONG time.  She's all about the glitz and glam, so I had a fun time with all things shiny...

Sadly, I took these pics before the wedding started and just after the ceremony I got called over by the wedding planner (a cake-maker's worst nightmare).  Turns out my beautiful chalkboard sign fell down and broke :( so the final result was minus the sign... A HUGE bummer, but in the end, all was well and no one got hurt. (No one could see the back of the cake.......)
Congrats Jenny and Kris!!!