Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bugs & Babies

This week was a change for me... I started my new job and cake decorating became therapeutic for me! I thought it would be challenging to be working AND doing cakes, but it turns out it has been a blessing. Although still adding a bit of stress to my week, my sweets brought me more joy than I expected!
These cupcakes I GLADLY made for my friend Erin's baby shower. She is such a special and wonderful person, and am so excited for little Michael to come!

Here's a close up- they were chocolate w/ peanut butter frosting and chocolate chip w/ vanilla buttercream. You could smell the peanut butter from a mile away... yummy!!

This was for my friend April's little neice, Laila. She has lots of allergies, so April asked if I could decorate a cake & cupcakes that her mommy made especially for her. I was glad to help out and LOVED doing this cake!!

And, lastly, a cake for Emily- an amazing MOPS leader and home-schooling mommy, that I admire!! Little Micah is due any day and we all can't wait to meet him! I had lots of fun with this one, too! :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blake's Cowboy Bash!

My baby boy turned 2!!!! We had a full-blown Cowboy Bash for him a couple weeks ago, and it was SO much fun!!!
Here's my little Cowboy on his horse...

...and his Cowboy Sweets display!! I had a blast with this one! (Not to mention TONS of help from my party-planner friend, Amy, from My Sweet Celebrations!!)

The "shirt & jeans" cake

I also helped my girlfriend, Gina, out with her littlest guy, Grady's 1st birthday. She did a farm theme the day before Blake's, so I was able to use some of the cowboy decor for his too!
Happy Birthday Grady!!

Birthday Beauties

It's been a while, but I've been a busy bee around here lately!! I started a new job this month, so I probably won't be having too many posts. :(

This one was from December. Two of my favorite girls had birthdays and I wanted to do something special. Jazz requested butterflies, so I went with a more modern look...

Here's my girls.... my sis, Amy, and my cuz, Jasmine.
I love you guys!!!!!