Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!

This Mother's Day was full of fun cakes and parties! My
first cake was for a friend of my bro-in-law. Pretty simple birthday cake, with a specific color palette.. so cute! The cake was chocolate with bavarian cream and fresh banana. I had actually never tried fresh fruit before, and unfortunately, this cake ended up having a mishap on it's 1 hour drive home in the heat and traffic!! So sorry Lisa... :( But hope it still tasted good...

The next was an itty bitty one I threw together for the impromptu Mother's Day tea I decided to throw on Saturday. It was a white cake with raspberry filling, covered in vanilla buttercream- very light and perfect with our tea menu! I topped it of with some fresh flowers, and sat it on my twisted pedestal.

Last, but not least was this Mother's Day cake for our lovely realtor, Marti. She is so sweet and has helped us out so much, so I was excited to put together this cake for her. It was also white cake with raspberry filling. After seeing my blog, she liked Bekah's birthday cake design, so I changed the colors up a little and it came out super cute!

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