Monday, February 9, 2009

Pirates & Poker

This was a fun weekend of cakes! I was really looking forward to this pirate cake I did for a friend's son's birthday. I think it came out so cute! The top layer (the face) was chocolate cake covered in fondant and the bottom layer was marble cake filled with bavarian cream, and covered in buttercream icing. It was definitely a fun cake to do!

This was a poker cake I did for someone, and although it came out cute I was told later that the cake itself (red velvet) was not that great. What a blow... I'm really bummed about it but what can you do? As someone told me, you live and you learn I guess. Definitely going to try a different recipe!
The decor came out cute- the cards were made using the color flow technique I learned. I was overall happy with it, just bummed about the cake part. Gotta keep trying that darn red velvet!!


  1. This is the cutest freaking cake ever! The cards looks real!

    Don't give up on red velvet (I LOVE IT).

  2. That should be the cards LOOK (no s) real. I think I need to get more sleep.