Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fun & Festive

This past week was very fun with the Christmas season here!! I got to do a few fun treats (which I forgot to take pictures of...), some festive cupcakes, and one super fun birthday cake!!

The first was for a friend of ours, Candee, who was celebrating her 40th! She LOVES wine, so it was only fitting to make her her own bottled version...

It came out so much better than I ever imagined, thanks to the amazing creativity of my beautiful friend Riva. She did the custom label (and with all of one day's notice!!) for Candee's special wine bottle. If you can't read it, it said, "Candace Vineyards, 1969, Aged 40 Years to Perfection, Bottled in Temple City, Ca, 40% alcohol by volume" So perfect!!!

This next order was for a Christmas celebration for my cousin's extended family. His mom ordered a cake to celebrate all of the December birthdays (cute idea!) and some festive Christmas-y cupcakes to go along. These were cute, and super fun to make!

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