Sunday, April 18, 2010

Anniversaries & Art

Can you believe it?? It's Sunday night and I am actually posting from THIS weekend!! Amazing!! It was a fun weekend, and I guess I didn't have too much on my plate... ;) The first cake I had was for a friend for work, Rhonda. It was her parents' 40th wedding anniversary so she wanted something "wedding-ish". Letting me have a little creative reign with this one was fun. I just love simple, classy elegance for wedding cakes. It was a white on ivory combination, which I've been wanting to do for a while. I was overall happy with it, and I think Rhonda was too!!

The next was for our friends, the Humes' little girl Jenna. Her mom, Jessica asked me to do a cake reflecting her "art" themed party. I immediately thought of a painter's pallette in my head and Jessica loved the idea! She also got some cake pops for the kids (which she told me worked out perfectly!). She sent a picture of the set-up too... so fun to see the final product!!!

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  1. Wow! So beautiful pics! Gorgeous cakes and pop cakes!