Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July Birthdays & Babies

The past few weekends have been pretty relaxed, so I have no excuse for not blogging except being lazy (must be the heat)! The 4th of July weekend I had two birthdays- my mom and Jennifer, cousin George's sis. We decided it would be easier to make two of the same cakes, since they sounded SO yummy! I decided to go more with flavor over cuteness this time, and boy were they YUMMY! Jen's cake was chocolate chip cake with chocolate ganash and fresh strawberry filling, covered in whipped cream icing. It was then topped with handmade chocolate covered strawberries, and finally, finished off with Pirouette cookies around the sides. Mmmmmm... My mom's was the same, but with white cake and cream cheese frosting. I heard it was a toss up which one was better. Here's some pics...

Last weekend I had Elissa's baby shower cake. Vicki asked for a "jungle themed" cake and I thought I would do my little fondant guys again. I changed them up a little this time and made them a little more "boyish". It was chocoalte chip cake with chocolate mousse filling, covered in whipped cream icing. I actually got to sample this one- it was pretty good... :)


  1. That strawberry cake was amazing! Good looking and sweet, just like me. LOL

  2. The strawberry cake looks soooo yummy and beautiful, of course! Oh how I wish I had a bite of that... And the zoo cake is too cute. I missed out on that one =( Next time =) xo