Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pretty Polka Dots

Here's my one and only cake for a while... sad, but kinda nice!! It was for Monica from my mom's work. She said she LOVES polka dots, and asked for a cute blue and brown polka dot cake. This one was really fun for me- super simple and cute. It was nice for a change! I wish I could've gone to her party because it tasted SO good as I was making it! (Of course I try the scraps!!!) She asked for orange flavored cake with chocolate ganache filling, covered in chocolate fondant. YUM!!!! (I still have some scraps in the fridge if anyone wants to come over....:) So, Happy Birthday Monica- I hope you liked it!!

I'm also going to be blogless for a bit- I am actually going on vacation!! So see you back the middle of August!

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