Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One 'Sweet' Girl!

I had a fun time just practicing on a cake last weekend! I decided to prepare for the large topsy-turvy cake I'm doing next week by doing a 'mini' version. And considering we were going to be seeing our family for Labor Day, I thought I would see if our niece Mikayla would want to help me decorate it. She has been asking me to teach her some cake stuff (and has gladly volunteered to be my assistant a few times:) so I new she would be excited. Truth be told, I was excited to teach her!! Mikayla started high school this year and doesn't live too close to us, so I wanted to take this opportunity to spend some time with her. She's growing up too fast for me!!

Here's Mikayla with her cake. She did an awesome job with the zebra stripes!!

The finished product :)

Mikayla and her pround Auntie!!
Good job Mik, you're AWESOME!!


  1. Each one, teach one! That is what we are lacking in our world today. I am so glad you are such a good and patient teacher. Now I just have to teach her how to sew like I promised so many years ago!

  2. I can't believe how big she is... what an awesome cake though! She's an excellent student!