Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sweet & Saucy

We just so happened to be in the area of Sweet & Saucy Shop the other day, so we HAD to stop by to take a peek (and taste)! Melody Brandon is the owner of this fabulous dessert studio (who's blog I LOVE to follow), and so I got to meet her and chat cakes! I was really excited because I love Melody's work and think she is super talented. It was fun to see the place that I've visited online so many times come to life!

Here's her super cute front counter...

Ty enjoying one of her cake lollipops. YUM!!

Cam went with the red velvet. (YUM, again!)

She had a whole rack of cake stands (my fav)!

And she even put up with my crazy kiddos...

Thanks Melody for the fun tour of your awesome place!

Had to take some home (but it never made it home)!!


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm so jealous!! I started following her blog because you had posted it on here.. and now that she's close to my school I always want to go stop by but I never have time! So glad you got to go, hopefully I'll be able to soon!

  2. So fun having you come by! Love the photos!